Sunday, January 18, 2004

My musical weekend

I played keyboards at two different churches this weekend. I think it all went pretty well. I played at Trinity Saturday night; synth and flute. Then I played keys at FIF on Sunday morning.

Now, you would have thought that playing two completely different sets of songs in two completely different settings would have put my stress through the roof! But it was extremely enjoyable.

Playing the synth at Trinity meant I got to see how another piano player conducts the rehearsals, service, etc. It was comforting to know that I'm not really doing anything all that different from the other pianists. Since I value consistency, that was nice to discover. The other great thing about not playing piano at Trinity is that I've pretty much been given free reign to bring my flute and play that as well. So I played on a couple of slower communion songs. I thought it was pretty cool!

FIF is always a treat. I'm very comfortable with the other muscians and the set up is nicer because we're in much closer proximity to each other which makes it easy to communicate with each other. It's also getting to the point where I am familiar with many of the songs that FIF uses on a regular basis. Plus, Craig and Glenn always crack me up!

I am looking forward to next weekend though, when I will have no official church committments!!

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