Thursday, January 29, 2004

Five hymns in five days

Okay, another challenge for myself. I'm going to suspend my posting of 5 things I'm grateful for every day (which I have pretty much failed at, ... or have I???). So now I present my five favorite hymns over the next five days. The hymns will all be from Lutheran Worship and are in no particular order.

In You Is Gladness
By: Johann Lindemann (1549-1631)
Hymn # 442
Lutheran Worship
Tune: Giwvanni Glacomo Gastoldi (c.1556-1622)
Tune: In Dir Ist Freude
1st Published in: 1858

In you is gladness Amid all sadness,
Jesus sunshine of my heart.
By you are given The gifts of heaven,
You the true Redeemer are.
Our souls are waking; Our bonds are breaking.
Who trust you surely Has built securely
And stands forever. Alleluia!
Our hearts are pining To see your shining,
Dying or living To you are cleaving
Now and forever. Alleluia!

If he is ours, We fear no powers,
Not of earth or sin or death.
He sees and blesses In worst distresses;
He can change them with a breath.
Wherefore the story Tell of his glory
With hearts and voices; All heaven rejoices
In him forever. Alleluia!
We shout for gladness, Win over sadness,
Love him and praise him And still shall raise him
Glad hymns forever. Alleluia!

Why do I like this hymn? I like the line "He sees and blesses in worst distresses; He can change them with a breath." Though we may feel like we are in the midst of terrible trials, God is always with us, and gives us much more to be glad about than we usually realize. Too often our eyes are clouded by temporary suffering. Sometimes just recalling a fond memory is enough to jog us out of a blue mood. Thank God for memories!! If the world takes everything else away from us, the world can never take our experiences from us; and the world can never take God from us!!

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