Friday, January 09, 2004

Empire Falls

I managed to get a couple of chapters in at lunch today since the break room crowd wasn't very talkative. Funny how after I've spent a good chunk of time with my book I start to narrate my own life as though it were a chapter in a book.

Mostly I'm narrating to myself how tired I am. Suddenly, I'm like nap tired. If I put my head on my desk and closed my eyes I think I really would drift off to sleep. I've even contemplated leaving work early, but I haven't worked a full week in a while, and for once, I'd like to have no exceptions to my time sheet.

So I guess it's fortunate that I have some physical jobs to work on this afternoon. Not the "stare at the monitor" type tasks, but hauling laptops and plugging cables in stuff. Drat. 3 1/2 hours until quitting time.

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