Thursday, January 22, 2004

Do sysadmins dream of electric viruses?

What a horrible day I had yesterday!! In addition to the usual pi55y patron (and staff) complaints, we got hit with the Beagle virus. Well, in addition to that, my firewall software was out of date (I mean, something really wierd was going on) and I found out that some machine in the building was spoofing email. Grr. Add to that a PC and a printer that were DOA right out of the box and you've got enough material to drive a girl to actually take up smoking just so she can say "well, I picked the wrong day to give up smoking!!"

So last night I tossed and turned all night long worrying about what problems I'd have to face today. And when I could sleep, I dreamed of computers and viruses.

The good news: I had no new automation complaints when I came into work today. So I had a long list, but at least it wasn't getting any longer. I've spent all morning whittling away at the list, too, so now it's back down to my usual 4 or 5 "non-critical" problems.

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