Sunday, December 28, 2003

Yet another view of ROTK

This is one of the best Return of the King movie reviews I've read!

From here on out, I'll have to distinguish between references to ROTK, the movie and ROTK, the video game. I picked up ROTK for the PS2 yesterday and started playing it tonight. It's different from the video games I usually play. I like RPG's and puzzle type games. But ROTK is pretty much all hack and slash.

So far, I pretty much suck. Naturally, I will blame much of my sucky playing on bad controllers. I swear the controller freaked out on me! I have witnesses! The controller started acting up when I was out at the menu screen. I sure hope the rechargeable batteries aren't the culprit. Well, I'll try again later after I've had a little sleep. Much too tired to play right now.....

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