Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Library vs. Amazon

If libraries were more like Amazon . . .

Cute, good points. But my latest beef with Amazon is not any of the issues pointed out above. My complaint is over the $%*&@(#$ search inside the book feature.

I don't have a problem that it's available, I don't like that it's the default search. 999 times out of 1000 I know exactly what I'm looking for and searching the text of the book results in a HUGE number of irrelevant hits. Either you carry it or you don't, Amazon, okay??

I actually love shopping at Amazon and have done so since it's inception. Nearly all of the added features have only improved it's worth to me with the exception of "search inside the book". I actually do read the user reviews, at least you know right away if someone has had a problem with an item, which is great since I tend to buy toys and electronics from Amazon more often than books.

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