Friday, November 14, 2003

When two worlds collide!

I usually read Liberry Blooze for funny library stories, but today the blog had to rant on about Return of the King. Seems everyone is up in arms (and by "up in arms" I mean I've seen it mentioned on at least two websites I read regularily) over Peter Jackson's decision to cut the death of Saruman scene out of ROTK.

I was pleased to see take a reasonable stance on the issue. I'm sure that Peter Jackson wrestled with the issue for a long time himself. I'm sure PJ wrestled over the decision not to include the scourging of the shire as well.

Ultimately, even the most vocal of the LOTR fans will have to resign themselves to the fact that it's still just a movie and really, no movie can be a literal adaptation of the book. (Unless, I suppose, it were to be a mini-series, like Stephen King's The Stand when it was adapted for TV.) As a fairly avid reader, I often have read books that eventually get adapted into films. I think I can honestly say that the books I have read have always been better than the movies. I think the film makers have the best intentions, but for me, books will always be better than movies.

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