Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hey look! A new post!

Spleesh! Am I embarrased. No posts since October 7? What the heck have I been up to??

Oh yeah 6 new PC's at work, 4 of them for the public! Yargh! Help me Obi-Wan!

Getting the house all decked out for Halloween! I had to have it all ready by Oct 17 for Bunco. And I just barely pulled that off.

I read The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley and Aria of the sea by Dia Calhoun.

The Folk Keeper, IMHO, was a far better book. Aria wasn't all that bad, really, it was just more "YA" than Folk Keeper. I can see why teen girls would like the Aria book, though. The girls in the book just acted a lot more like modern girls than the female main character of Folk Keeper. But Folk Keeper was more lyrical in style and more complex in story. On to the next book!!

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