Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It's a Blockbuster Video weekend!

I couldn't wait for the library's copy, so I rented Holes from Blockbuster. I told the kids they could watch if they wanted, but they weren't interested. I was pleased to learn that Louis Sachar also wrote the screenplay. I enjoyed seeing the movie (Jon Voight and Tim Blake Nelson were both terrific!!) but my two favorite things about the book were not really included.

I always loved how Sachar summed up the story of Kate Barlow and Sam the onion man. When Hattie Parker sees them kissing, she says "God will punish you!" But then Sachar writes:

These are the facts: ... That all happened one hundred and ten years ago. Since then, not one drop of rain has fallen on Green Lake. You make the decision: whom did God punish?

I just thought that was brilliant!!

The other thing I loved about the book was the song. Now, they Yelnats's song was in the movie, but then the book ends with the Zeroni's part of the song. But that second half of the song wasn't in the movie.

I always enjoyed Mr. Pendanski. I thought he was one of the really interesting characters, because as first you really think that he's sort of a good guy. Like he calls the boys by their real names and even tries to have a "group session". But then he really makes fun of Zero, which a real counselor wouldn't do! In the end we find out that he's really "on the same side" as the warden and Mr. Sir. I wonder, though, about Mr. Pendanski. In the movie, they make him out to be an accomplice to Mr. Sir who is breaking probation. Kind of makes you wonder how Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski ended up at Camp Green Lake.

Oh well, read the book, see the movie, either way, you won't be disappointed!! (But you should really read the book!)

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