Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Don't you wish you were me??

Today would have made a great “day in the life” day for me.

Let’s see.

There was a note from J. with a list of software titles that YA patrons would like on the new “games only” PC for YA. So I went on to Amazon and set up a wish list to make it easy for her to order the titles that are available. Some of the titles were for consoles, not PC’s and some were rated “mature”. I don’t think we ought to put out “mature” titles on the YA PCs.

P’s back from vacation, so I asked her for the GL account that I should use to order the Gateway profile PC for her. I can't order unless she gets back to me.....

Got to finally show A and S how to use their new email addresses. M is still on my list!

I had to spend some time cataloging so that I would have something for R to work on when he got in. I hate when I discover that I have to redump just one lousy record from OCLC. Crap!

I opened boxes from Ingram and BWI with new books. No mistakes this time.

I reviewed items on the children’s cataloging cart to see what I could rush along without E’s approval. I'm going to need those items to catalog for R on Thursday!

S’s PC finally bit the dust today. The lights on every device on the machine are flashing and the thing sounds like its rebooting, and rebooting, and rebooting…..

L wants to order at least one new PC, but feels guilty about buying a Gateway profile when she just replaced their monitors with flat screen monitors last year. I assured her that I would find good homes for the flat screen monitors.

P wants me to give her some sample PC quotes in case we were to receive some grant money. Okay, quotes away! Oh, she wants children’s software in Spanish, too. www.spanishtoys.com saves the day!

A new agenda for Thursday's meeting was just distributed. We are starting an hour later. (Yeah!) But the agenda is much longer. (Boo!)

New supplies came in from Demco. 200 unbreakable CD cases. Where are we going to put them?? Ack! Turns out we weren’t down to 7, we still had a few. I really hate when I have to stash supplies in two different places. Oh well, at least the cases for the books on CD came in as well. And labels? I got your label right here!!

Oooooohhhhh! A new box of DVDs!! I’m totally drooling! There’s A Mighty Wind, Holes, Young Frankenstein and Sleeping Beauty!!

E just handed me a 3M screen and keyboard cleaner kit. Some kind of spray and wipe thing that’s supposed to be safe to use on LCD screens. I can’t believe how poorly some people treat the equipment they work with every day. (That “no, I will not fix your computer” shirt at thinkgeek.com is looking better all the time.)

Arg! That pesky "loophole" function of the Internet filter is cropping up again. Lucky me, I get all the email complaints about blocked websites. But I don't know how that "loophole" thing really happens. Better check N2H2's website

At least I'll have a little peace at home tonight. Leftovers for dinner. D is volunteering at school, so I'll just make H practice the piano and start her book report. Kids will be in bed by 8:30 and then it's Nip/Tuck at 9:00. Maybe I'll get my quilt finished tonight.

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