Monday, August 18, 2003

Work, work, work...

I can't believe I'm bored at work! Our ILS (Integrated Libary System for you non-librarians) is down today and tomorrow while the operating system is upgraded.

I saved a bunch of OCLC cataloging to do, but once I started cataloging, I realized how much I rely on our local catalog to do authority work, not to mention assign dewey numbers. It's easier to just hop onto our catalog and browse subject headings than it is to toggle between the online catalog and authority file on OCLC. Maybe that's just because I'm a Passport for Windows user.... but I'll give up Passport when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!!!

Attention OCLC -- Passport WORKS!! Connexion doesn't have all the functionality yet!! And the Microenhancer doesn't give me the flexibility I need, either. We sort of do things in batches, but not really. We batch load MARC records, but love the flexibility of handling the new items one at a time.

And what about searching with the Microenhancer? I have to batch searching?? Eh? I love Passport's searching interface, really!!! I've used derived searches and the F11 key for so long I can search in my sleep!! And I get instant results.

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