Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Tech support woe

sigh. I know I'm supposed to be sympathetic to our users, but how can I not roll my eyes when I get a voice mail message like this one: "Hi J, this is M. I need to know what the administrative password is on this PC. Thanks."

Uuuum.... Okay, what PC are you talking about?? And why do you need an administrative password? PEBCAK. (I think I got that right.) Problem exists between chair and keyboard.

That message was followed by a staff member (who I consider to be computer literate) wanting to know if there was a "problem with the internet" because Symantec found a virus attached to one of her emails.

That incident was followed by the staff member (who is only partially computer literate) who insists on giving me printouts of her PC lab schedule even though I've begged her to just email it to me.

I need a drink.

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