Friday, July 18, 2003

Speaking of X-Play
We've learned a couple of hard lessons at our house. The importance of backing up your games on the PS2. Note to self: buy more memory cards.

My favorite game right now is Dark Cloud 2. I played the original Dark Cloud and DC2 is superior in so many ways. It's nice and cartoon-y so that I don't mind if the kids watch as I play or play themselves.

Anyway, like most video games, you can save several concurrent games so that one player can be on chapter 4 while another player can be on chapter 2, etc. TWICE now (shame on me) I have had a file with over 50 hours of gameplay, only to have that file inadvertently overwritten by a file with only 9 hours of gameplay!

But Julie, doesn't the game verify that you are overwriting a file? Yes! Of course it does! That's why I want to kick myself so hard. Actually, the first time it happened, it was me trying to help Hannah get through a tricky boss fight and I overwrote my file. But the second time Hannah did it.

So I've learned my lesson now. Whenever I'm working on my file, I save a copy in slot 13 (which is never going to be accidentally overwritten) so that even if my file is gone, I'll always have that backup. Why didn't I think of that before???

Because you're an idiot!

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